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How To Choose A Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers

How To Choose A Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers

Choosing a pro bono divorce lawyers is a big decision that must be thought through carefully. The process should be treated like the one you go through when you want to buy a home or make any critical decision that will have a long-term effect on you.

Do not choose a pro bono divorce lawyer with sentiments. Get information, ask questions, do your research, and get references before making the big decision. Going through a divorce in itself is a rollercoaster process. Your lawyer should be someone that will manage the situation in a way that will relieve the stress and not add to it.

Before you proceed to search for your google search as “pro bono divorce lawyers near me“, the first step is to learn all about divorce law in the state. For one, you will get an idea of what is involved in the process, giving you a good sense of being in control.

Secondly, you will be well informed so that you can have a meaningful conversation with them when you begin to search for a lawyer. Here are some things you should do before you settle for a pro bono divorce lawyer.


Getting more information about divorce lawyers will benefit you significantly. You can ask family members and friends for recommendations. You can also ask others that have gone through a divorce or call your local law association. The internet is also teeming with information about any pro bono divorce lawyers.

Make a list of lawyers and firms, both from the internet and those that have been recommended by people around you. It also makes sense to make a list of lawyers that you have been told to avoid. With this, the possibility of mistakenly calling them up is slim.

Decide on the Type of Lawyer You Need

Divorce lawyer meeting a client

It is your divorce and it can be pretty rigorous, depending on the type of divorce you are having. Choosing pro bono divorce lawyers that you trust and are comfortable with is very important. So, ask yourself about the kind of lawyer that you would want to work with you. Do you prefer a lawyer that uses a gentle approach to get results to preserve the relationship with your ex?

Or rather, would you prefer an aggressive lawyer that will win the battle and get you everything you want? Are you looking for someone that will handle everything without burdening you with the details? Or would you prefer a lawyer that carries you along all through the steps? The answers to these questions will guide you to make informed decisions.

Prune Down Your List

Now that you have made up your mind about the type of lawyer you want, the next step is to shortlist the names on your list. Start by doing a background check on the names of pro bono divorce lawyers on the list. Check them up online and try to measure their competence and experience. Read what others are saying about them. If you found more bad reviews, you may want to skip such a lawyer.

Consider Settling for a Family Lawyer

Family law is a specialized area and professionals in other fields may not be able to handle it. The fact that someone is an excellent criminal lawyer does not mean they will have the skill to handle a divorce case. Choosing an experienced family lawyer would be the best option.

Doing due diligence before you hire a pro bono divorce lawyers is very important. It goes a long way to determine the kind of experience you would have during the proceeding. It also goes a long way to determine whether the divorce will be in your favor or not.