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Should You Buy A Leather Lounges?

Should You Buy A Leather Lounges?

Are you considering buying leather lounges? They can make a great addition to any home but they’re not for everyone – some people love them whilst other people loathe them. Here are a few things you should consider before you make a purchase.


Advantages of leather lounges

There are many attractive benefits to having good leather lounges in your home. Not only do they look fantastic but they can last a long time – in fact, one of the biggest drawcards for many buyers is that high-quality pieces can last for many, many years. The hide can be extremely durable and can last a lifetime when maintained properly, you can expect it to last many years longer than your average upholstered sofa. Another reason to love them is that they are very low maintenance. Unlike fabric sofas that you need to wash on a regular basis or dry clean, leather lounges can be cleaned with some soap and warm water and kept looking great with minimal effort. Most of them are also designed without detachable cushions which makes them easy to keep clean, all you need to do is get into the crevices with a vacuum cleaner.

One of the best things about them is that they are made from a strong, durable material that will not fray. Any scratches or blemishes can be buffed out with polish and generally, it looks better over time, developing a nice patina. They are excellent because they are much more resistant to staining – if you spill something, you’ll just want to scrub it down to stop it from sinking into the material. They’re also perfect for households with pets and kids because they won’t sink into the material in the same way that fabric may absorb smells. They are also great for households with pets because instead of endlessly vacuuming you can simply wipe pet hair away.


Disadvantages of leather lounges

dog sitting in a fabric sofa

The biggest reason that many people may be reluctant to buy one is that they can come with a much higher price tag than your typical fabric sofa. You’ll definitely see the value for money because they will last for many, many years but for many people, it can be a limiting factor in their decision to make a purchase. For people with pets and kids, the lack of ‘give’ or flexibility in the material can also be a bit of a turn off as they may want a more accommodating fabric that can hold up to being jumped on.

Some people simply are just not fans of the feel of leather lounges or don’t like the way it looks. Whilst the material comes in many different colors and styles, it’s not right for everyone and some people just love a classic fabric sofa. It can be an unattractive option for people who live in very cold or very hot places as it can feel cool to the touch in colder climates and hot and sweaty in warm climates.


Should you go faux?

Some people go for faux because they don’t like using animal products, or for some, it’s a cost consideration. Faux materials are generally much less expensive and can look very stylish but you should keep in mind that faux materials will not last as long as the real thing and won’t develop the same patina. That said, if you like the look but not the price tag or expect to want to change up your style in a few years then faux pieces can be a great option for you to choose.