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Tips To Make Your Children School-Ready At The Best Punchbowl Childcare Centre

Tips To Make Your Children School-Ready At The Best Punchbowl Childcare Centre

As it is the beginning of the school year, you want to make sure your little one starts their schooling on the right foot. There are many developmental milestones that your child will need to develop at our Punchbowl childcare centre before they head to big school. With your help, there are various things you can do to ensure your child is school-ready for the best Punchbowl childcare centre.

Here are a few key tips to make sure they can make the most out of their early learning experience and take the next steps into big school.

Make sure to make time for them to play and explore

Let your child roam free in the outdoors (provided with your supervision) getting them to explore the world around them. As seen through the best Punchbowl childcare centre, children instinctually learn through play and by giving them opportunities to do so will develop their curiosity. This can be done by providing them with art and craft and toys to play with such as cooking in play kitchen or dressing up in a costume.  Spend time with them during playtime by asking them questions and encouraging them to learn new words.

Practice their numeracy skills

Abacus for counting

Numeracy skills are important for learning at Punchbowl childcare and for when your little take the next steps to big school. You can apply numeracy into their every day by getting them to count such as placing numbers on the fridge or counting down the stairs.

Book in some time for them to get reading

The best way for children to develop literacy skills is through reading books to your little one. Whether it can be a night-time or weekend activity between the two of you, storytelling allows the children to develop new words, learn new things, the ability to focus and spark creativity. At Punchbowl childcare centre, they make sure they are developing their reading skills providing an array of children’s books for the children to explore. Your time to get them reading can supplement to strengthen their literacy development skills they are learning at Punchbowl childcare.

Develop a getting ready to school routine

To get them to be best prepared to learn at Punchbowl childcare centre you can go through with them what is needed for the day. This includes getting them to learn how to dress for school, helping you prepare lunch, packing their school bag and trying to get them to sit on the toilet. This will help them develop self-help skills and the independence to know what to prepare for when they go into Punchbowl childcare and in future to the big school.

Open a dialogue with them about school

Little boy trying to socialize

Now as they are starting in a Punchbowl childcare, this is a great time to start talking to them about school and what to expect. A great way to introduce and get them familiar with school is through showing a book about school readiness. You can initiate by asking them questions getting a sense of what they think about school. You can even speak to your child about their school routine at Punchbowl childcare. This can help their social and communication skills and get them comfortable for when they to go to school.

There are huge steps for your child to leap before they are ready for big school. In addition to schooling at the best Punchbowl childcare centre, your help to your child’s education can ensure they can take the next steps in their education.