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What Your Glass Pipes Say About You

What Your Glass Pipes Say About You

There are many different types of glass pipes available on the market right now, and the cannabis industry is booming. Due to the legalization of the product in different countries and subsequent states, the other accessories that come along with the territory have also seen their fair share of increased demand. The digital age also means that online shoppers have their pick of the cream of the crop in the toking world. It is true that a person’s glass pipes tells a lot about their personality, and this is definitely true. With the huge variety of different products out there, coming in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs and features, you are able to really see how a person would want their life to be based on the products they use to toke with. For these reasons, we thought this article would be a fun way to have a bit of banter with our readers about their glass pipes.

Acrylic products

Acrylic glass pipes are, to put it simply, the most basic form of product. They look simply, aside from different colours and designs, and get the job done for their user. If you are a user of acrylic glass pipes, you likely like to keep life simple and go through the motions. You would probably like to keep things organized and want to get tasks done in a routine manner with simplicity in mind. You are likely quite run of the mill and a workhorse who likes to get your toke in at the end of the day, feel the effect and go to sleep.  There’s nothing wrong with this approach of course, and you love to keep it simple, and you are definitely one to get there and get it done, end of story.

Mineral products

Mineral glass pipes are considered to be the hipsters of the toking world. They feature intricate designs with insane features that would make even Cheech and Chong jump out of their seats! If you own one these glass pipes with a two chamber system, extra filtration and an ice kit to keep the smoke cool, you also probably own a Walkman and eat buckwheat biscuits for the ‘nutrients’. Mineral glass pipes are essentially the doc martens of the toking world and should be treated as such. With all the money you save on clothes when shopping at the local thrift store, you can easily afford one of these beautiful pieces to sit on your shelf, ready for your next local art expo.

Blast from the past

The Gatorade glass pipes, a blast from the past and an Australian icon. These products can usually be found in the hands of teenagers at your local park or skate park, and are considered to be portable, discrete and ready to rip at any given time. Your wardrobe likely features Nike tracksuits, ‘fresh’ Nike kicks and a bum bag of some sort. From acrylic to mineral glass pipes, the Gatorade glass pipes are a form of rebellion against the previously mentioned designs, and just like their users, they go against everything we consider nicely designed and beautiful.

Each of these glass pipes has their own personality, just like their users do. Through the use of certain glass pipes, you can determine the personality of the people using them and how they go about their lives. From one stoner to another, don’t stop toking and be sure to choose a product which really screams “This is me!”.