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Why More Experts Are Recommending Acupuncture For Shoulder Pain

Why More Experts Are Recommending Acupuncture For Shoulder Pain

Alternative medicine and holistic methods have always been subject for debate amongst many, with traditionalists swearing by the many practices associated with healing energies and ancient wisdom that depict often unconventional approaches to relieving discomfort. However, there has been more and more evidential and anecdotal support in using acupuncture for shoulder pain and other chronic ailments. Today we will explore what the ancient Chinese tradition involves and why so many experts and users alike recommend acupuncture for shoulder pain.

What is it?

Acupuncture for shoulder pain and other ailments traces its origins over 2500 years ago where Chinese philosophy has the notion that the inner workings of the body and spirit sometimes felt blockages and needed alleviation. The representation of this inner working was referred to as ‘Qi’, the notion was that puncturing certain pressure points in the body with microneedles would unblock these build-ups and allow the energy to flow more smoothly.

Although it was not based entirely on science, in fact, first practitioners were more in the spiritual trains of thought when conducting the practice. Believing the energies residing in the body need as much attention as the physical components of the body in order to remain healthy and aligned.

It does have certain scientific beneficiary components that has been discovered years and years later, when acupuncture for shoulder pain was brought to the west.

Still, there was contention.

How It Works

Man getting an acupuncture for shoulder pain treatment

From the spiritual to the scientific, there is a lot to be said about acupuncture for shoulder pain and its unique effects on the human body.

In a more modern context, we can ascribe acupuncture for shoulder pain as the non-invasive act of introducing several thin needles into specific areas of the skin. At certain points of the body, there are a lot of nerve receptors and clusters of very reactive spots that can be stimulated with very little effort which can also increase blood flow.

The small needles penetrate the upper muscle of these areas to stimulate the release of serotonin which can reduce chronic discomfort. So stimulating the upper torso area and prompting the release of serotonin and increasing the blood flow to the area could objectively be a case for the use of acupuncture for shoulder pain.

Of course, there are still doubts.

A Miracle, Or a Mind Game?

The case for using acupuncture for shoulder pain is still hotly contested as to the validity of the practice in many circles. With many scientists and medical studies conducted on acupuncture for shoulder pain concluding that there is a neurological element that could be associated with the practice which has yielded the results that some are touting as a miracle cure-all.

If you consider acupuncture for shoulder pain, it can be concluded that it may not cure the ailments that causes the chronic discomfort, it can however help, which is always a cause for consideration. Governing bodies on the subject around the globe have concluded that neurological or not, this treatment can be effective for patients with certain ailments, chronic discomfort being one of them.

More research is of course warranted for the effects on more seriously treated conditions like cancer and debilitating neurological disorders which have had similar claims of efficacy. For now, the science is still awaiting further studies for these sorts of correlations. However, physical chronic illnesses seem to be agreed upon across many boards of thought and science.

So whether it is a sports injury or osteo-related, the utilisation of acupuncture for shoulder pain should not be overlooked.